Antique Prosthetics….not just for creeps and nostalgic doctors…..

This wonderful 19th-Century Hook Prosthetic was recently sold on 1stdibs for nearly $2000 . These days antique prosthetics can sell in the thousands, making one question how "curious' one's "cabinet of curiosities" must really be? My personal tendency is to steer clear of the macabre, but a simple search through modern antiques dealer's collections you are sure to stumble across the odd medical ephemera, bottled specimen, or wacky circus side show material. Don't believe me? Check out Obscura over on Ave A.

2014-12-12 14.05.09.jpg

So if you are not ready to take the plunge into the truly creepy, might I recommend an item such as above. This piece is particularly special as it is both sculptural, totally improbable to our modern minds, a little scary AND YET evokes fond and (somehow) friendly memories of Captain Hook. 

If nothing else, a truly great conversation piece…